We employed all our staff when they were around 20 years old, giving them their first real jobs, training them not only to look after our guests but also to become responsible members of the community when they all married and had children of their own . As responsible employers too, we have to make sure that the children of so many other parents in Pemuteran who do not have jobs and live under the poverty line also have an opportunity to make something out of their lives. This is why we created the Pemuteran Children’s Foundation to try to inspire the children to find a better future for themselves.

Dear Benefactors & Friends of our Pemuteran Children's Foundation,

In November this year it will be six years since we started the government recognized YAP Pemuteran Children's Foundation. Since then the children have developed and achieved so much and everyone in the village is very proud of them indeed!

In January 2011 Pemuteran Children's Foundation Dance and Gamelan Troupe was formed, The children practice every afternoon and have now become so proficient at giving very special performances that they are in constant demand!

In the academic year 2011 – 2012, 5 students graduated from Senior High School, one of them has been accepted into the midwife college in Singaraja and her studies are being sponsored by Puri Ganesha guests. The others are being trained in different departments at various hotels in the village. 7 of our Junior High School Students are going on to the local Senior High School and to date, we are supporting a total of 38 students in Junior High School and 59 students in Senior High School..

Donations are enabling us to build a small Pemuteran Kids Kafe this year to provide food & beverage training for those children who for whatever reason cannot carry on to Senior High school. hopefully the children will eventually be able to run the Kafe themselves and later pass on their training and ideas to the next group of children! the Kafe will be built in old Javanese style and the menu will use only locally grown produce to provide guests to Pemuteran with a healthier dining option! at the moment, Puri Ganesha is providing the food for groups of international students taking environmental courses in the nearby National Park and we hope that later the Pemuteran kids will be able to cook for the international kids!!!!

The Foundation Junior High School students are always provided with two pairs of shoes, school uniforms, all the required school textbooks and stationery and daily pocket money during school semesters for Junior High School Students. Special YAP t-shirts have been made for the children to wear at the Foundation or on communal outings!

The Foundation is open from 15.00 - 18.00 every day and the children are happy come there after school to do their homework, practice Balinese dancing and enjoy lots of other activities. The teacher in charge is assisted by 3 part-time teachers who are paid by the Foundation to help the children with the most difficult school subjects. A small library and 10 computers have been provided by Pemuteran/EN-COURAGE Foundation in Holland.

The most important thing is that the children are becoming more interested in the outside world and instead of just accepting a life in the village like their parents and some are realizing that if they do work hard at school that there is a very interesting world waiting for them, even if the world is only Bali's capital city Denpasar!

If you have any questions, please contact me and if you would like to help to support our children, please transfer any funds into the YAP’s IDR bank account. You know that any support will be well and very carefully spent directly for the children.

About Your Donation
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• Any donation will be verified against the bank & PayPal accounts.
• A receipt will be issued based on the amount which we received as stated in our bank account or PayPal account.

Thank you for supporting and sharing with the children from Pemuteran Village by supporting the YAP Education Programs.

Warmest regards, Gusti, the YAP Team and all the Foundation children


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